The Best Strength Cycle For Building Strength

Anyone who’s interested in hitting the gym, especially hitting the weights, needs to understand how strength training can provide the biggest bang for the buck.   Time spent on strength cycles produce the best results in terms of improvement in functional muscle strength.   You can spend three days a week going to the gym but making sure you’re using proper strength stacks to improve your performance is key.

Increasing weight with each workout is the core component to a strength cycle.   One such strength cycle is the Stronglifts 5×5, which might be the best strength cycle out there, especially for beginners at the gym.    This can be considered a strength stack because it focuses on a simple three-day per week workout and rotates through three exercises per workout, but each workout will start with squats.

Strength training is the best way to improve your appetite, speed up your metabolism, strengthen your bones and muscles and even increase your natural testosterone production.    Strength training is recommended for the young as well as the old, it’s the overall best way to improve the human condition.   You might ask how only three exercises could improve your strength so much, where other workouts seem to take longer and include many more exercises.   The answer is simple, the strength cycle starts with squats, which are the king of calorie burning exercise, leg and core strength training, and radically improve the body’s physiology when the attention goes to the proper squat form.   With each exercise, the body is doing secondary work by supporting these weights, whether it’s the shoulders, midsection, back or abs, these core muscle groups are activated with each exercise.

The best strength stack includes a day where legs, chest and back are exercised and on the other day the legs, shoulders and legs and core are exercised with deadlifts.    The day 1 would include squats, bench press and bent-over rows, five sets of five repetitions each.    The next workout would include five sets of five repetitions of squats and overhead press and one set of five repetitions of deadlifts.    Each exercise will increase by 5lbs each workout, except for deadlifts, which will increase by 10 lbs each workout.

This strength cycle starts out with nothing more than the bar, and works up from there.  Paying attention to form is the key, especially early on before the heavier weights start getting added.   Without proper form, you will experience injuries.   I squatted for years without using proper form and nearly destroyed my knees in doing so.   Make sure you either take videos of yourself or have a knowledgeable staff member monitor your form.  You must have early feedback, prior to moving on to heavier weights.   This will increase your strength dramatically in twelve weeks.